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Writing only requires words, a bit of punctuation, and perhaps some paragraph breaks to organize thoughts. Headings, italicized text, images, fancy quotes, footnotes, bullet points and more are just decoration.

Decoration is important, though, something you want to be just right. If your curtains are shorter than your windows, or your pictures are all hung crooked, the entire room will look off.

That’s the problem with text formatting. Add bold text and bullet points and handsome headings to a Word document, then copy and paste it into your blog, and odds are the shine will have quickly faded.

Markdown fixes that, with simple formatting that looks the same everywhere. Here’s how to use the world’s most popular text formatting language—and some great apps to help you craft and decorate your next great novel.

Markdown is a handy language to learn, I’ve used it for years myself

I’ve used Markdown for writing every one of my books, as well as this blog (and my other blogs) and even for jotting down notes, it’s more natural and any other markup-type language.