Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2014/12/16/how-broken-is-discovery-on-the-app-store

Marco Arment:

Ged Maheux searched the App Store for “Twitter” and found Twitter clients ranked horribly below a bunch of spam and garbage apps, most having little to nothing to do with Twitter.

You can see similar ranking problems with almost any common search term. I searched earlier today for an iPad Instagram client — the iPad App Store search list for “Instagram” is just as spammy and unhelpful as this. I was only able to find what I was actually looking for by searching Google and asking people on Twitter.

The most capricious App Store rejections stem from an idealized image of how iOS devices “should” be used, enforced by the Apple marketing division (which app review, and all of developer relations, is under). It’s hard for me to reconcile that idealized image with what we see in reality in App Store search and Top lists.