Original Link: http://www.businessinsider.com/android-wear-first-impressions-2014-6

Steve Kovach, Business Insider:

I used one of the new Android Wear smartwatches, Samsung’s Gear Live, for several hours Thursday, and my wrist hasn’t stopped buzzing since I synced the device with my phone.

New email? Buzz. New text? Buzz. The thing won’t shut up. I’m one of those guys who obsessively checks his phone, but this is too much for me. Plus Android Wear ties in with Google’s digital assistant service Google Now, which attempts to help you out by notifying you about stuff it thinks you want to know about like upcoming flights or package deliveries.

So there are even more things to look at.

This isn’t the answer. Instead of solving the problem of whipping my phone out several times a day, Android Wear makes me nervous and anxious from all this hyper-connectivity. If I’m to ever go all in on a smartwatch it needs to be simpler than this.

I’ve been using a Pebble for a while now, and while I do get lots of notifications, I’ve set my phone to only buzz me on emails from people I’ve designated as VIPs, this cuts down on my watch buzzing every time I get a random email that I don’t need to look at.

I found it takes some getting used to, and I can always set my Pebble to “Do Not Disturb” mode, or simply control which apps send notifications, and I do look at my phone less than I did before when I’m wearing the smartwatch.

Android Wear, with the Google Now integration seems like it would just try to push you away from the convenience of the smart watch. It’s not as much about it needing to be simple, it needs to be not-annoying. The Pebble has accomplished this, Android Wear, has not.