Original Link: http://theverge.com/2013/10/15/4841188/godaddy-acquires-media-temple-web-hosting

The controversial domain registrar GoDaddy has acquired Media Temple, a widely used web host. Though GoDaddy already has a web hosting business, its acquisition of Media Temple will expand that in a drastic way. For many happy Media Temple customers though, joining GoDaddy could be bad news: plenty of customers have fled from GoDaddy over its support of a contentious bill to stop online piracy, its often sexist advertising, and anecdotal reports of poor customer service. Now, some of those same people could find themselves once again tied up with the registrar.

Media Temple is home to quite a large number of sites too: over 1.5 million. But the 15-year-old web host is also known for specializing in the kind of advanced technical services that GoDaddy hasn’t traditionally been a part of, so its customer base — though for complimentary services — may not strictly overlap. The goal, it seems, will be to help GoDaddy move into new, potentially more profitable markets. It marks GoDaddy’s sixth acquisition in just 15 months, and if it can hang onto Media Temple’s customers, it could be one of the biggest additions that the domain registrar has made yet.