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Warren Ellis, after describing his process for writing using an iPad:

Why do I do this? I’ve always hated lugging laptops around, and have always looked for efficient mobile solutions. I had one of those early Asus netbooks. I had a Treo. Hell, in the 90s, I had a Handspring Visor. And I figured that since the iPad was light, instant-on, built for wifi and supposedly fucking magical, I should be able to make it work as a mobile work solution without having to screw around with laptops and crappy batteries and all the rest of it. In the mornings, I just grab the iPad and case and go out into the back garden and sit at the table and am ready to go. I go back to the office, wake up the laptop, and thanks to Dropbox everything I’ve done is already there. It works for me.

Not only do many people work on their iPads, they actually enjoy doing so. The whole key to how popular iPads are is that people enjoy using them instead of computers for numerous tasks.

But one scary detail in nearly every single “how I write on the iPad” story, and I myself fall into this too, is Dropbox.. It’s that linchpin in the workflow. Just about everybody uses Dropbox to store their files. And this scary for two reasons:

1) If not for Dropbox, many people, myself included, would not be using their iPads as much as they are.

2) Apple’s iCloud doesn’t come anywhere near Dropbox.

There was an article last year , about how Apple tried to buy Dropbox back in 2009, and when they turned them down. Job said that they were going after them with iCloud and that Dropbox “was a feature, not a service”.

Dropbox may be a feature, but it’s a feature that’s become so integrated into so many apps these days.