Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2012/11/18/build-analyze-ending

Marco Arment:

Recently, I’ve felt my current podcast, Build and Analyze, getting stale and repetitive. We’ve had a great run, and I’ve greatly enjoyed doing it, but it has run its course. I’d rather end it now than slide into mediocrity — imagine if The Wire ended after season 4, Six Feet Under ended after season 3, or Arrested Development ended right before Michael met Rita.

Anyway, Dan Benjamin and I have agreed that the last episode of Build and Analyze will be December 17. Thank you to everyone who has listened, written, asked questions, and rated the show.

This podcast has been one of my regular weekly podcasts to tune in to on my drive to the office and back so it’s a little sad that it’s coming to an end. But I have other podcasts to listen to and I look forward to seeing what Marco comes up with next..