I switched this blog to using Second Crack back in March, so I thought it was time to post about how it’s been using the blog engine since then…

I’ve actually done a few modifications to the engine from the original source.. I added the ability to have a unique id for each page, and to have canonical URLs… As well as adding sitemap.xml generation.

So far, Second Crack has been a joy to work with :)

I’ve been finding it nice to type with markdown from my iPhone or iPad or from a desktop.

Combining Dropbox integration with the use of Byword has made blogging a more enjoyable experience. Sometimes I also use Koder and Diet Coda for working on the actual template or PHP files as well.

I’ve set up Google Custom Search to search the site, and also a modified version of Lessn to serve as a URL shortener.. Posts are sent to twitter and also a tumblog on tumblr that serves as a mirror.