Original Link: http://theinterviewr.com

This site first came about over lunch in November with a friend and then got put on the back burner until recently.

The idea was to have a site where journalists / bloggers and anyone else who might conduct interviews (even applies to HR people hiring people), can keep everything organized in one handy place and refer to recordings of the interview later. The site itself is powered by Twilio and Box.net, and is hosted on a grid server at media temple.

How does it work?

You sign up for a free account and then add interviews. Give the phone number of the person being contacted as well as your phone number. You can also upload any related documents to from here as well to refer to later.

These documents are securely stored on box.net using their handy API.

On the day of the interview, you’ll get an SMS message to remind you about it. You’ll then login to your account, go to the interview and hit the big red call button when you are ready to begin.

Using Twilio’s also handy API, your call will be connected and you can conduct your interview. Then when you are finished, you’ll see a link to listen to the recorded interview anytime from the site. This is currently the beta, so there are a few things still to be added, but it’s a site that I’m looking forward to growing.