Vacation in Newfoundland went well. Nice weather for the 2 weeks we were there let us enjoy our trip. Got to get a good night in on George Street and visit some friends and family I haven’t seen in a few years. Home hasn’t really changed too much since I left.
Now, I’m back to work and taking care of finishing my move.

Currently, what’s left to get done is to get the furniture that isn’t going to the new place out of there. I have the Salvation Army coming tomorrow to pick up some items and from there, I’ll have to see.

I also get to spend the next 3 days getting a lot of junk out of there and thrown into the dumpster as I have to have everything out of there by Thursday at the latest as that’s when the new owners are taking over.

Lots of work to do til then. Better make sure I have lots of coffee and pepsi.