I freely admit it, I’m from Newfoundland. I grew up a Newfie as we call it, and will always be one, even though I now live on the other side of the country and only go home every couple years, it’s still my home.

The following is something that was written by a well-known Newfoundland music group called “Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers”, and it’s something that’s true with just about every Newfie living away:


I’m not on pogey, and I’m not married to my sister.

I don’t eat codfish tree times a day, ah well, that’s cause dere ain’t no more codfish left.

I don’t own a boat or a sou’wester but I can see a boat from me window.

I don’t drink screech, at least not before noon on a weekday anyways.

I don’t know Gordon Pinscent or Mary Walsh or Jimmy Flynn or Rick Mercer, but I watch dis hour has 22 minutes every week eh.

I got a Premier named Brian Tobin, he went to war against spain over somethin’ called a turbot.

I’m not sure what a turbot is actually but I’m damned if I’m going to any guy from spain take him away from me.

I ain’t de b’y that builds the boats and I ain’t the b’y that sails em, but like I said before I can see a boat from my window, eh.

I don’t dance a jig everytime I hear celtic music, but I’ll do dat kareoke ting if I got enough blackhorse beers in me.

I’m still pissed off at Prince Edward Island for buildin’ dat dere bridge and not buildin’ one out to the rock, dem stupid spudheads.

And even though he ain’t really a newfie I think stompin’ tom connors should run for Prime Minister.

Newfoundland is the oldest settlement in North America, and the youngest province in confederation – oh, my grandfather’s still pissed
off about dat one, you don’t even wanna talk about Joey Smallwood to Grandpa.

And even tho I lives in Fort McMurray, Lord thunderin’ Jesus I still tinks that Newfoundland is the best damn province the country.

My name is Buddy and I is a Newfoundlander!