I love christmas, every year it has always been one of my favourite holidays.

Giving and receiving gifts each year is always fun.

There’s just always other factors about christmas that always tend to be stressfull.

The first thing is that my family are on the other side of the country and I miss not being able to spend christmas with them. I spend it with my girlfriend and her family so it’s not like I spend christmas alone, but it’s not the same thing.

Growing up, christmas was the one time that our family was all together. It was one of the few times that my grandparents came to visit, and we saw relatives who we had little to do with during the rest of the year.

The other thing is the same old thing…. money. You end up choosing between paying a bill or buying a gift for someone.

The third thing is the thing that has always stressed me out and probably always will. It’s figuring out what gifts to get people. I don’t want to give someone a gift that they’ll exchange the next day for a better gift, or worse, regift it the next year.

People will say that these aren’t things to be stressfull about, but people who say that have never spent every christmas away from family, or have never dealt with the other two factors.

The other stress factor right now is snow. I hate it when it snows out, it makes the roads slippery and lots of drivers become idiots.

I’ve been having to get new tires on my car for a while, but haven’t been able to because of money, and the snow falling makes needing tires that much more important and also adds more stress to not having them.

I guess what I’m saying is Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug at the same time and that makes no sense.