Yesterday, I posted a new plugin for sale on my forum at Affiliate Developer, this plugin is a cart that can be plugged into any Amazon script. Mostly written for my own scripts, but easy to adapt to the other scripts that are out there.

I’ve put it on a few of my sites, so let’s see what type of returns I get from using it.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet / busy. I got my new backup server up and running this week from home. Gonna clear out a storage room in the basement and wheel it in there shortly so it’s out of the way.

The server isn’t very powerful or anything, and it’s only got a 20 gig hard drive, but it was built to be a backup server and only a backup server. Data gets backed up to it and that is it.

On another note, slowly getting my christmas shopping done. I’ll be sending the presents I bought for my parents and my brother back to Newfoundland this weekend and then I have to finish shopping for Patsy and her family.