I got a new cell phone this week. My previous phone was giving me problems for the past year so I decided it was finally time to upgrade.

It’s a Nokia 6620, the last phone was a Motorola v300. Both were camera phones. This new one isn’t a flip phone as half the problems with the other one were related to the switch that says whether it’s open or not.

The new phone does video as well as camera and also has the MobiTV system on it. Pretty interesting, but hard on the battery. There’s also a slot for a memory card. Currently, it has a 30 megabyte card, but I may put a larger card in there if I ever decide to use it for MP3s or something.

Aside from that, the casale ads are doing pretty good on Article Base, and my new Amazon script is almost complete. This one has more features than my other scripts and allow for more customization.

I also registered a new domain today to use for overstock’s affiliate system. Gonna try making some money via them as well. Also gonna finish off my datafeed script and get some more datafeeds online on that site.

Busy, but with a purpose :)