So, last night, I was getting ready to go to sleep when I get an email from someone asking for support. The images on one of their Amazon sites had stopped working. I take a look and discover that it’s actually happened to all my sites as well.

I kick into problem solving mode and find the problem, Amazon changed the tag that they use for their images. A quick fix and then I upload it to all my Amazon sites, then update the script and post a fix on my forum for my users.

Long night right? That was only part of it.

I then get woken up around 1:00 am because the power went out. So I have to lie there waiting for the power to come on so I can set my alarm so that I don’t sleep in.

Finally comes on, only went out for 4 minutes, but felt a lot longer.

Anyway, will post more later. Gotta get coffee.