Original Link: http://blog.mailchimp.com/important-changes-to-mandrill/

Today, my team is sending an email to all Mandrill users about some changes our business is making in the coming weeks. I’ll explain the changes in detail below, but here’s a summary: Mandrill is becoming a transactional email add-on to paid MailChimp accounts instead of a completely separate product.

Going forward, all Mandrill users will be required to have a paid monthly MailChimp account. We want to give everyone plenty of time to research their options and decide whether they’d like to create a MailChimp account, so here’s the timeline and important details:

Starting March 16, all new Mandrill users will create accounts through MailChimp. Also starting March 16, Mandrill users can merge their existing Mandrill account with a MailChimp account.

Current users will have until April 27 to merge the accounts.

This is a big change, so I’d like to provide some context for our customers who want to know the “why” behind strategic decisions like this one.

This is an interesting move on Mailchimp’s part, but not surprising. I’ve actually moved most of my transactional email to either Mailgun or Sendgrid rather than Mandrill, but the result of this could be interesting to watch.