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Ben Brausen:

It’s no secret that people hate online ads. They cover many of the websites we visit. To deal with the problem, many have turned to ad blocking software.

Ad-blocking software will cost advertisers more than $22 billion this year and that number will continue to climb as more begin utilizing such browser add-ons.

It’s obvious that ads are a problem and people really hate them. But we’re blaming the wrong party. It’s not the ads that make for a horrible website experience. It’s those running the websites we should be upset with.

With all the news about ad blockers, and the evils of ads, it’s refreshing to see someone reminding people that the ads aren’t the problem, as much as people who abuse the ad services on their sites.

I like to keep ads to a minimal on this site, I display a carbonads ad on the top of the site and that’s it.