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What's New?

The Logitech Any Angle case for the iPad Air 2 is an interesting case. It protects the iPad and offers a stable support for viewing your iPad from multiple angles, which makes this very useful when you want to stand your iPad up and write with it using a keyboard like the Logitech Keys-to-go keyboard.

The case lets you adjust it to any angle as the name implies.

The rubber around the iPad keeps it safe from falls which is also nice since you want to protect your tablet.

The only problem I found with the case was that the heavy cover used to stand it up, makes it heavy, almost heavier than the iPad 1 was back in the day, which kind of defeats the purpose of the lighter iPad Air.

It’s also a little awkward when holding the case to read or play a game, as it is really meant to use as a case for standing your iPad up with.

On the plus side, you can pop your iPad out of the case quickly enough to hold it, but that kind of takes away from the purpose of the case.

Over all though, this is a nice well-built case that protects your iPad very nicely.