Original Link: http://recode.net/2015/08/04/twitter-may-be-a-takeover-target-but-google-is-unlikely-to-take-it-over/

Mark Bergen, Google beat reporter for Recode:

As markets closed yesterday, Twitter’s stock sank to its lowest level ever — a drop that raised speculation, yet again, that another company would take it over. At only a $19 billion market valuation, that’s not a surprise.

Neither is the other company most often cited as its obvious buyer: Google.

“At some point, it is just simple math that Google grabs it,” said one person close to the situation. “Why they haven’t yet is a mystery.”


Still, that talk has gone nowhere, and there is good reason for that. Despite the seemingly natural fit, there is a just as strong if not stronger case that Google should not make the move.