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Ben Brooks:

I’ve long owned Due, but it always just kind of sat there being unused — I often didn’t even have it installed on my phone. Lately Justin Blanton, and CGP Grey have been talking about it — in fact it was the latter of those gents that got me interested in picking the app back up.

CGP Grey talked about how Due is great for reminding you of things, as the app notifications on your Apple Watch will tap your wrist every minute until you tell it you did that thing. Which is quite perfect if used correctly — I immediately put Due to work.

I figured out three really important things I need to put in there for constant reminders: stopping for lunch, stopping for dinner, and taking the garbage/recycling out the night before. I can’t even tell you how nice this is — and I am not joking around.

I actually use Due for an editorial calendar, keeping track of what content / tutorials to write across various blogs I’m involved with.

It’s a handy app to have, and works well on iPhone, iPad and Macs, so go get it now and try it out.