Original Link: http://flybase.io/

Last night, I switched Data McFly over to the newly rebranded Flybase website. Some design still in progress, but it’s getting there.

So, as of now, Data McFly is to be known as Flybase. What lead to the rebranding?

Mostly, it was due to the name, I love Data McFly and will continue to use that name for my main business, but when ever you told somebody the company name, you also had to get into the inevitable question of if the name was inspired by Data from Star Trek, or Marty McFly. This lead to the usual story:

When we first built the API that would become Data McFly, we called it DataGarde, but there’s already a similarly named company, so then the project became Mongoly, but that never felt right either, so finally after demoing our API to some developers, they gave us this comment:

Your API makes our data fly

But you can only tell that story so many times, and after a while, you start thinking of ways to improve things.

So, after discussing with various people, including Jonathan Stark, a new name was decided upon, and Flybase was born.

The main URL is flybase.io, but I’ve set up redirects for getflybase.com as well as redirecting the original Data McFly site to Flybase.