Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2015/05/28/watch-sdk-questions

Marco Arment:

Jeff Williams confirmed yesterday that Apple is releasing the SDK for native Watch apps at WWDC. This is a pleasant surprise a few months earlier than I expected. I have many questions, most of which I hope will be answered in two weeks:

This is very soon after Watch OS 1.0. Will it be stable but limited, powerful but immature, or the worst of both? (The best of both — stable and powerful — seems unrealistic this early for the platform.) I’m guessing it’ll be stable but limited.

The Apple Watch is much more constrained than any iPhone in screen size, battery life, connectivity, and practical interactivity. App interactions must be as fast and simple as possible, and the screen can’t be on for very long without a significant battery impact. I think designing Watch 1.0 software to be good, useful, and responsible with the most limited resources (battery power and user patience) will be harder than writing apps for the first iPhone.