Original Link: http://www.caseyliss.com/2015/5/1/visual-studio-code

Casey Liss:

On Wednesday, during Microsoft Build, Microsoft announced a new code editor called Visual Studio Code. Not an IDE, Code is a full-featured code editor that appears to be based off of the same technology that drives the Atom editor, called Electron. Since it’s running mostly on web technologies, Code will run on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Code promises to support many different technologies and platforms; at a glance, one could assume the most interesting thing to a C♯ developer like myself may be writing C♯ on OS X. Since I so often work with content management systems, that’s not (usually) an option for me. What appealed to me was the Node.js support and IntelliSense.

I was going to write an article about this myself, but Casey did it so well, I thought I’d link to his post and let him tell you all about it instead.