The Little Real-Time Web Development Book

I previously announced this last week on the Data McFly Blog, but I also wanted to write about this book here as well, things just got a little side tracked, so I’m finally posting about it here a week later. ツ

The Little Real-time Web Development Book, is a short book which will walk you through an introduction to Data McFly and it’s handy API, and then into building your first apps. We’ve divided the book into three sections:

  1. Getting started with Data McFly and real-time web development
    • We’ll cover how to get started with Data McFly
    • We’ll then build our first basic real-time web app
    • Finally, we’ll cover queries and custom events to learn how to control what data you display and when.
  2. Building your Data McFly app without a server.
    • We’ll build a social news app in Angular.JS with Data McFly.
    • Learn how to add user login and registration
    • Learn how to accept comments, and votes and update the home page to show the changes
    • Deploying your app to the web, you’ll learn how to upload your Social news app to GitHub pages and host it for everyone to use.
    • We’ll also cover briefly how to use your Angular.JS web app as a mobile app thanks to tools like Ionic and PhoneGap.
  3. Integrating your Data McFly app into a node.js app
    • We’ll take the app we built in section 2, and integrate it into a node.js app to give us extra server-side power such as:
      • RSS feeds, and RSS processing of external feeds to popular your social news site.
      • Social login integration with Github, Google+, Facebook and Twitter
      • Auto-tweeting to Twitter when new links are added to your news site.

When you’re done, you’ll have clear understanding of how real-time web development works, and be able to build whatever you need using Data McFly.

The book is a work in progress, but it’s available for pre-order now with a discount, normally we’re selling the book for $9.99, but as a pre-launch special, we are selling it for $6.99, this is a limited time so Pre-order Now, and get updates as we publish them to the book. We’re using Leanpub, as our publishing platform, so any changes we make to the book, immediately get sent to you.

This is the first in a series of smaller books that have been planned to aid developing with Data McFly, rather than larger books. The next planned book is using Data McFly and the Ionic Framework to build cross-platform mobile apps that run everywhere, and from there, we’ll see what strikes us as being the next interesting topic to write about. ツ