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M.G Seigler:

In the time leading up to the Apple Watch, I wondered if it would be about as much of a “watch” as the iPhone was a “phone”. That is, not very much at all. So I was a bit surprised when the unveiling focused on the many attributes we normally associate with watches. Namely, the focus on watch design.

At the same time, as the long, fascinating Jony Ive profile revealed, this is a watch, but also decidedly not a watch. In Ive’s mind, it’s the logical extension of what jewelry worn on your wrist should be in the 21st century. Sure, timekeeping is a part of that. But a small part.

In fact, it seems quite likely that checking the time will not be the main way people interact with the device. Checking the time is a pull thing. This is a push device. The main point of contact will be push notifications.

This reality will fundamentally alter our usage of push notifications. Right now, on phones, people either turn them all on and only turn them off by deleting an app. Or they refuse to turn them on. The Watch should change this behavior.

From being a Pebble user for nearly a year, I can attest that push notifications is a huge factor in checking your watch compared to checking the time.

And M.G is right regarding that last paragraph, you quickly find yourself figuring out which apps actually need push notifications and which do.