Original Link: http://macsparky.com/blog/2015/2/big-changes

David Sparks, of Mac Power Users and MacSparky and Field Guides fame, on his decisions to quit his law-firm job:

Last week I quit my day job. Maybe I should explain.

As the Field Guide publishing business, the podcast, and other MacSparky endeavors have grown, I’ve always felt my life was on a bit of a collision course. For years now I’ve been doing three things simultaneously.

  1. I’ve been growing all things MacSparky.
  2. I’ve taken care of of my legal clients.
  3. I’ve been keeping up with the constant press of additional legal work arising from working in a law firm.

Each one of these priorities has its own pluses and minuses. Keeping up with them all, however, sometimes feels like running so fast that I’m about to fall on my face.

The things I do as MacSparky have brought meaning to my life. I love the podcast. I love the books. I love all the friends and interactions that come with them. MacSparky saved me. I can’t imagine my life at this point without this website, the podcast, and the books.

Best of luck, David, I’m sure it’s gonna be great.