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The Kindle Fire HD 6

I picked up an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 a couple months ago and have been using it as my main Kindle device since then.

The Fire HD 6 is the size of a standard paperback book. But this device is not aimed at reading alone, it’s aimed at every kind of Amazon-based media. It is, after all, an Amazon-centric device, and therefor should be purchased only by those willing to work with Amazon’s collection of digital stores.

The kids mode is interesting, the Fire practically becomes a different tablet when you set up your family profiles so you can pass it to your son or daughter to use.

Overall, I’m liking the Kindle Fire, it’s lead to my Kindle Paperwhite becoming my daughter’s Kindle for her books, while the Fire became my goto ereader.

The other apps work nice, Amazon Instant Video has a decent selection of videos to watch, but I mostly use it for reading. Going between the Kindle books, Instapaper, feedly and other reading apps.