Original Link: https://medium.com/@ow/its-time-to-treat-push-notifications-as-sacred-28635e6c42bc

Owen Williams:

When trimming down your notifications, ask yourself these questions: Am I willing to let this interrupt me at any given moment during my day? Is this information critical to my life?

I did something similar recently, I decided to trim back which notifications I see. The notifications I do get on a regular basis are:

  • Email: Emails from my VIP list (which is just my CPA and my wife)
  • Twitter DMs
  • Slack mentions and direct messages
  • Paypal
  • Paid for Stripe payments
  • Calendar alerts
  • Reminders: (time / location)
  • Deliveries: when a delivery status changes
  • Overcast: new podcast episodes are available
  • Circa: breaking news alerts