Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2014/9/30/6872505/pebble-fitness-tracking-upgrade-price-drop

Pebble upgrades its fitness tracking, drops its price

Pebble is today announcing an upgrade to its fitness tracking features initially launched earlier this year. The Pebble and Pebble Steel will now be able to track a wearer’s steps and sleep activity in the background, letting users count their steps and use any watch face they please. Prior to this, a Pebble wearer had to keep the Misfit app open the entire time to count their steps. Additionally, Pebble is officially dropping the price of its watches to $99 for the standard watch and $199 for the Pebble Steel, a drop of $50 and $30, respectively, from their earlier prices.

To go along with the expanded fitness tracking capabilities, Pebble is extending its partnerships to include Jawbone and Swim.com, in addition to its existing partnership with Misfit. Jawbone and Swim.com now have apps available for the Pebble watch which will sync activity and sleep data to their respective services. Misfit’s existing app is being upgraded to provide sleep tracking in addition to basic activity tracking. Pebble is also opening its activity tracking features to other developers through its API. Pebble says that the new, always on activity tracking won’t meaningfully affect battery life on the device and it still expects users to get between five and seven days between charges.

This isn’t any surprise, the biggest issue with the misfit fitness tracker on the Pebble has been that it doesn’t run in the background, so I’ve been expecting this announcement to come.