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My weekend experiment - PebbleJS

Apparently everyone is expecting the announcement of the iWatch in a few weeks, and wearables are going to be “The Thing” for the next few years. But I’ve been rocking a Pebble for a while now and I really dig it. It isn’t as sexy as some of the newer smart watches, and who knows how it will compare to whatever Apple is doing, but it is affordable (reasonably affordable) and simple. If you are considering picking up a smart watch, definitely check it out.

There has been an SDK for the device since it came out, allowing developers to create watch faces and apps with C. You can read more about that on their developer guide site. Recently though an alternative way to develop for Pebble was released – PebbleJS. As you can imagine, this lets you use JavaScript to create Pebble applications. I thought I’d take it for a spin this weekend.

For the most part, it works pretty easily, especially if you make use of their CloudPebble service. (Why, oh why, must everything be “Cloud” something…) I’m not a big fan of browser-based IDEs, but their editor worked decently enough. The editor has JSHint built in so you get real time syntax and best practices warnings.

Interesting post on the use of PebbleJS, I’ve been thinking of playing with it myself at some point soon.