Original Link: http://gizmodo.com/how-i-failed-to-become-a-drone-pilot-1617870133

Adam Clarke Estes:

Drones are fun. Let’s just get that out there. The small, semi-affordable aircraft that violate some people’s privacy, hurt others’ faces, and generally cause trouble are super duper fun. They’re also very, very complicated.

I know this, because I’ve spent the past year or so flying (and crashing) them. It was a long time coming, I guess. The ambition to become a hobby drone pilot stemmed in part from spending years writing about combat drones—mainly how awful and inhumane they are. Generally speaking, though, I’m a big technology enthusiast and always felt like easier access to unmanned aerial vehicles could be a really good thing. And I’ve since learned that it really is.

So I got curious about a few things. First of all, what’s all the fuss about? The Orwellian angle about cameras in the sky sort of makes sense, but flying things is hard, right? How easy is it to get a quadcopter airborne and peek in people’s windows? Turns out it’s very easy.

I’ve been flying a Parrot AR Done 2 for a while as a hobby, my daughter loves to chase after it, so I like reading about others trying the same thing.