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Ben Thompson:

The growth curve is impressive enough, even before you notice that the scale is logarithmic. And to be sure, Amazon has had doubters from the beginning: few gave the company a chance when it started, and even fewer thought it would survive the bursting of the bubble. And yet, today Amazon is the king of e-commerce, at least in the United States, and the clear leader in cloud services, and now they are making a big push into digital content and devices.

I too was once a skeptic. I remember several years ago, after being invited for final interviews with Amazon, I decided that I wouldn’t take the job even if offered.1 Beyond the fact the retail-focused role wasn’t a great fit, I was also concerned that total compensation at Amazon, at least relative to other established tech companies, is heavily stock-based. At that time the stock was trading at a price-to-earnings ratio of nearly 90, which on the surface seemed unsustainable, and it didn’t seem worth the risk.

As of today, the stock price has doubled.

Excellent analysis of Amazon’s recent moves, by Ben Thompson.