Since we’re talking about Pebble and Pebble apps, I thought I’d share the most useful Pebble apps I’ve found so far.


The Evernote mobile apps have gotten tremendously better over the last year and yet, still having to pull your phone out to check a list, phone number, or random note can be a pain. Having most the functionality of the service on your wrist, however, including the ability to check off items on a list, is fantastic and works extremely well. This is currently the top app to beat in both functionality and execution.


Smartwatch+ connects to your Pebble and allows you to access weather, GPS, Calendar, and Reminders from your iPhone. You can also set up a Camera screen, Music screen and use their built-in HTTP Request screen to connect to other web services as well.


PebbGPS gives you turn-by-turn navigation on your wrist, helpful for helping you see where your going when walking through busy city streets.


PebbleCam is a handy app for your Pebble that lets you remotely take pictures from your phone. This works pretty well and even displays a rough snapshot on the watch.

Battery Life

The Pebble doesn’t have a built-in battery checker, but Battery Life is a useful watch face that lets you quickly check your battery status.

Future Weather

Handy watch face that shows current date and time and weather.

Pebble Pulse

Heart rate monitor for the Pebble, handy after a workout.


PebbleBucks talks to and displays your starbucks card on your wrist when you are paying. Comes in handy for quick check out.


SmartStatus is actually a companion of the SmartWatch+ app, and lets you see your battery level on both your watch and your phone, upcoming events, and a few other snippets of information.

Misfit Shine

This was just released today, but it works well as a fitness tracker, and I’ve had it running all day on my wrist, where it shows my activity so far. The Shine app also lets you update your daily goals.

Pebble’s biggest failing is that it can only have 8 active apps or watch faces installed to a time, so sometimes you find yourself adding them as needed, like PebbleCam, or PebbGPS.