Original Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/19/technology/personaltech/microsofts-surface-pro-3-isnt-for-everybody.html?_r=0

Farhad Manjoo:

For the better part of a month, I’ve been trying to replace the laptop that I use for my daily work, an Apple MacBook Pro, with Microsoft’s new tablet computer, the Surface Pro 3. I say “trying” because that’s what it has felt like; this is a machine that I’ve had to put a lot of work into adjusting to, in the hope that, at some point, I’d get used to it and see some kind of payoff.

The Surface tablet is an interesting idea, and I know a few people who use it as their everyday computer, but I also believe they failed to adequately build the infrastructure necessary to make the tablet successful.

I’ve said from the beginning that desktop apps are not a good fit for a touchscreen device. I still believe that to be true.