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Aaron Hillegass, one of the preeminent teachers on Cocoa:

When Apple announced Swift, I heard a few people say “Hurray! Now I can be an iOS developer without learning Objective-C!” I have three messages for these people:

  • If you want to be an iOS developer, you will still need to know Objective-C.
  • Objective-C is easier to learn than Swift.
  • Once you know Objective-C, it will be easy to learn Swift.

Before I proceed, let me preface this with a confession of love for Swift. The syntax is lovely. The Swift compiler will catch so many errors for us; I’m certain that when everyone is coding in Swift the reliability of apps will improve considerably. The enum construct is gorgeous. Swift is a major step forward for the entire iOS and Mac OS X ecosystem. But…

I agree with points 1 and 3 completely… I’m on the fence about his second point though.

I think that right now, you still need to know Objective-C, in a year or two, the answer may be that you don’t, but right now, any serious Mac or iOS developer needs to know Objective-C.

Right now, I see Swift mostly appealing to the huge base of developers who already know Objective-C and Apple’s frameworks.