Original Link: http://www.cnet.com/news/google-demotes-chrome-feature-that-would-hide-full-web-addresses/

Stephen Shankland, writing for CNet:

Google apparently has taken one step back from its “origin chip” plan that would hide the full addresses for Web sites that people visit with its Chrome browser.

On Tuesday, Chrome team member Peter Kasting demoted one aspect of the address-hiding feature from a top priority to a third-level priority. “The origin chip work is backburnered,” he said in his explanation on Google’s issue-tracking site.

The new Safari on OS X Yosemite does pretty much the same thing. I wonder if Apple is going to stick with it, or back pedal as well now.

I have some mixed feelings about hiding the full web address, while I do think it’s probably better for most users to just show the domain name, I’d also like an option to restore the old behavior.