Original Link: http://www.zdnet.com/icloud-not-compromised-in-apple-id-attack-apple-7000029914/

Yesterday, I posted about the wave of Find My iPhone ransom hacks reported in Australia. From the post:

t’s not immediately clear how pranksters are gaining access to the Apple IDs to take over the devices, nor why the reports are localized to Australia. It’s possible that hackers have obtained access to a leaked list of email addresses and passwords, exploiting the fact that many people will reuse the same account details for their Apple ID. Database breaches are becoming far too common, with eBayAdobeYahoo, and Target all falling victim in recent months. This latest incident serves as a good reminder to enable two-step verification on an Apple ID, and to never reuse the same password across multiple accounts. We reached out to Apple for a statement, but a company spokesperson declined to comment.

This morning, Apple has posted a statement that lent some credence to the password reuse theory:

Apple takes security very seriously and iCloud was not compromised during this incident. Impacted users should change their Apple ID password as soon as possible and avoid using the same user name and password for multiple services. Any users who need additional help can contact AppleCare or visit their local Apple Retail Store.

Also, the ransom attack affected customers in New Zealand, Canada and the US, as well as in Australia.