Original Link: http://www.polygon.com/2014/5/27/5746116/watch-dogs-ps4-xbox-one-review

Watch Dogs stars protagonist Aiden Pearce, a contractor for hire who steals information, money, and anything else he’s paid to do in the city of Chicago. During an intrusion run fleecing the guests of a high profile hotel for the rich and famous, Aiden’s hacker partner catches the virtual traces of a secret that powerful interests are willing to kill to protect. As a warning, Aiden’s niece Lena is killed, drawing him into a wider conspiracy involving ctOS, the Blume corporation’s new city management and surveillance network.

Helped in part by a hacker resistance, Aiden is armed with the Profiler, a smartphone-driven set of tools that allows him to tap into ctOS’s all-encompassing surveillance state. Every face in Chicago is a data point for analysis, and any improperly protected electronic device and network is an opening for Aiden as he drives, shoots and traverses the city to gather more information on the conspiracy at the game’s heart.

Aiden’s ability to hack ctOS connected systems manifests in several ways. The Profiler gives an often horrifyingly personal view into the lives of random citizens on the street. These people can also often be “hacked” in various ways, yielding bank account information, linking to crimes in progress and other side missions and more. Aiden can also manipulate his environment in various ways, whether by activating construction machinery, opening doors or other effects. But you’ll spend much more time hacking security systems, especially cameras and server systems that allow even greater access to ctOS’s databases.

Watch Dogs looks interesting… The reviews so far have been mixed.