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Dyson Bladeless Fan

I’ve owned a Dyson Bladeless Fan before, one of the AM02 models, and they were noisy and got returned very quickly, so I was a little iffy when I received this model to review as well.

But this latest model, the AM06 is quiet, at its highest setting, it’s still very low, they’re replaced the plastic base with rubber to try to absorb more sound and it definitely pushes air around as promised.

I usually have to sleep with a fan on, and my wife hates fans that are too noisy, but this fan was nice and quiet, and even the highest setting is lower than my previous fan was on its lowest setting. I find 7 to be a good fan setting, just an FYI. :)

The tilting base lets you adjust the angles better, which is also handy for getting more air flow.

This fan isn’t perfect though, one of the biggest annoyances is the remote, the fan itself has one button, power, the rest of the settings are handled by the remote and if you lose the remote, then you have to go through a lot of hoops to adjust any settings. But the remote’s saving grace is that it sticks magnetically to the top of the fan.

My daughter was fascinated by the fan when we first set it up, the idea that there are no blades in the fan was something she found amazing for the first five minutes.