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I know, two PNY products in one day.. Not on purpose, PNY just happens to make a wide variety of decent products.

PNY has made SD cards that are slightly smaller than normal SD cards, the idea is that you would leave them in your MacBook Air or Pro and use it as an extra hard drive.

This works great and they are fast cards, except for one small issue….

The idea is that these cards are flush with the MacBook so as not to be noticeable, the problem is that on 13 inch MacBook Pros with Retina, the SD card slot isn’t as deep as the 13 inch MacBook Air, which means the card will stick out about 1/2 inch. This is still workable, it just doesn’t look as nice as it could.


Otherwise, when it comes to speed, this drive is fast for copying to and from, and for working off of.

I would highly recommend this card, but if you have a 13 inch MacBook Retina, then bear in mind what I mentioned about the card not being completely flush with the computer.