Original Link: http://carpeaqua.com/2014/04/20/hosting-jekyll-on-azure-web-sites/

Justin Williams:

If you are reading this post, your DNS has successfully updated and you are viewing carpeaqua now hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Web Sites service. As I wrote in Hurdles, the process of publishing this site is a 7-step process usingJekyll. I am in the process of trying to simplify that process, and one of the first things was moving to a new host.

Why Azure? Well, for one I’m a fan of the platform. Glassboard uses it extensively for managing its API, web app, and data.

Second, it allows me to remove a step from my 7-step deployment story. Previously to publish this site, I would have to run a Rake command that would rsync my site’s content to the host. With Azure Web Sites, I’ve connected carpeaqua’s public GitHub repository to Azure and it automatically listens for a new commit to <code style="color: #111111;">master. When it detects that new commit (it takes just a few seconds), it automatically updates and deploys the updated site.

Justin Williams recently moved his Web site to Azure. Microsoft has been getting a lot of play recently with Azure hosting apps and Web sites.

I actually have a few WordPress sites on Azure, and they are working pretty good so far…