Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/21/5635772/apple-google-escalate-battle-for-exclusive-games

Both Apple and Google are aggressively pursuing game developers in hopes of locking down exclusivity on upcoming titles, according to The Wall Street Journal. As a reward for their loyalty, publishers like Electronic Arts, Gameloft, and ZeptoLabs are offered prominent placement on the App Store and Google Play for exclusive content. Neither company offers money or direct financial incentives to sway developers, but they don’t really need to; a spot on the landing page of either app store can lead to an enormous sales boost for any game.

Such was the case when Apple and EA reportedly agreed to a three-month exclusivity window for the hotly anticipated Plants vs. Zombies 2. But some developers have resisted Apple’s pursuits and enticing offers in favor of launching across both platforms simultaneously— a clear sign of Android’s growing influence.

Considering the reports of how few people actually spend money on Android apps, I’d be surprised if Apple didn’t win this battle.