Original Link: http://www.marco.org/2014/04/08/xp-demise

Marco Arment on the death of Windows XP Support:

Microsoft officially ended Windows XP support today, including security updates.

Despite advanced notice of the decision, the 13-year-old XP is still used on almost a third of all personal computers worldwide.

What could possibly go wrong?

Rosemayre Barry of London-based business, The Pet Chip Company, is one manager who is puzzled and more than a little annoyed that she has been faced with the XP dilemma.

“XP has been excellent,” she says. “I’m very put out. When you purchase a product you don’t expect it to be discontinued, especially when it’s one of [Microsoft’s] most used products.”

Microsoft has the best customers.


People just don’t care to upgrade. Windows XP still “works” for them, and the upgrades are different, which is bad.

Windows XP has run its course, so many people still use it though, but maybe this will help them upgrade and move on.