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It seems that the nature of the App Store is that as soon as something original hits the store, the cloners start their engines and begin pushing out clones. There’s been a lot of talk about Flappy Bird and the massive  number of clones it spawned.

But this is true of just about every successful app.

From the team that created Threes:

It’s been a weird and awesome couple of months. Our expectations for our tiny game were well, fairly tiny. Basically, we hoped it’d do better than Puzzlejuice. It did. By a lot. It’s still hard to address the world’s response with something beyond a wide-eyed daze but essentially we couldn’t be more thrilled. Duh.

But there’s another side of that daze that we wish to talk about. The rip-offs.

I think this is a great read, the developers come across as honest, not bitter, and the points they made are fair ones. I would highly suggest that you start by reading about the game 2048, if you are not familiar with it. And, of course, give Threes a try.

Also, be sure you read the email exchanges between the creators as the game evolves. Interesting reading.