Original Link: http://theverge.com/2014/3/26/5549108/will-facebook-ruin-oculus-kickstarter-backers-voice-concerns

Once upon a time, the Oculus Rift headset was a prototype with a blurry screen bound with gaffer’s tape. But 9,522 people saw the device’s potential, donating $2.4 million through Kickstarter to get early versions built and shipped to game developers. They wanted to see Oculus build “the future of virtual reality.” They didn’t expect it to get bought by Facebook.

“I cannot put into words how betrayed I feel by this,” backer Sergey Chubukov writes on the Oculus Kickstarter comment page. “I feel cheated. I backed a vision of what I wanted gaming to be in the future. Now all I want is my money back,” writes Grant Wilkinson. “I’m disappointed. You had the potential to become bigger than Facebook on your own,” says John Susek.

Considering Facebook’s plan of rebranding the Oculus.. Yeah.. I think it will be ruined…