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Shawn Blanc’s take on the Lukas Mattis’ Surface post this past weekend

The always astute, Lukas Mathis, wrote a fantastic article about why he switched from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface so he could finally do “real work” using a tablet:

In general, I really love the Surface, and I use it much more, and for many more things, than I ever used any iPad I ever owned.

His thoughts on doing productive tasks with an iPad, and his review of Windows 8 — in which he clearly articulates the good, bad, and horrible — is all just excellent.


He’s right. Most people probably use their iPads for reading, surfing the web, light email, and checking Facebook and Twitter. And that’s fine.

But then there are apps like DraftsDiet CodaPDF Expert 5Launch Center ProEditorial, and so many others (plus all the equivalent Windows 8 apps that I have no idea what they are) which are pushing mobile computing forward in small steps.

And those who are using these apps are also influencing the future of mobile computing. Because, and maybe I’m being grandiose, but I think those who are doing “real work” from their iPhone and iPad, are, in a small way, helping steer the direction of the personal computer.

I’ve never had any problem doing work on my iPad, I actually like the no-distractions aspect of the iPad, where you have one app taking over the screen to a time. But I can also see where Lukas tends to prefer the Windows tablet.

Myself, I agree with Shawn, and the apps he names are apps I use every day when I work on my iPad, as well as a few others such as Poster for blog posts (such as this one right now).