Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/4/5469546/give-me-300-or-the-website-gets-it

Russell Brandom, writing for The Verge:

This past Thursday at 10:26AM, Meetup CEO Heiferman got a strange email. “A competitor asked me to perform a DDoS attack on your website. I can stop the attack for $300 USD. Let me know if you are interested in my offer.” Before Heiferman could finish reading the email, the site came under attack, swamped with an 8.2 gigabit attack that took it down almost immediately. It took 24 hours to bring the site back online, and it didn’t stay online for long. The site came up Friday morning, only to go down again Saturday afternoon. It came back Saturday at midnight, then went down again Sunday night. As of press time, they were still struggling to keep the it live.

$300 seems pretty low, wonder how much the guy actually get paid for this act of disrepect?