Original Link: http://www.macstories.net/tutorials/command-c-browser-actions/

Federico Viticci:

Since the release of Command-CI’ve been using Danilo Torrisi’s utility to quickly beam text and URLs across all my devices, using [Launch Center Pro](http://contrast.co/launch-center-pro/ “Contrast Launch Center Pro”) actions to speed up the process. Command-C has excellent support for URL schemes – a boon to iPad users who fiddle with automation tricks to save time when working on iOS.

I recently realized, however, that most of the content I share with Command-C is made of URLs from Safari, therefore I asked myself whether I could put together a solution to send URLs with one click from Safari without using an external app or keyboard shortcut. It was pretty clear from the beginning that I would end up with a bookmarklet, but I have to thank Danilo for providing the necessary guidance I needed to achieve the kind of workflow I wanted.

I use Command-C nearly every day, so these actions can be pretty handy…