Original Link: http://om.co/2014/03/03/whatsapp-vs-facebook/

Interesting breakdown by Om Malik, of WhatsApp vs Facebook by the numbers…

It has been over a week since Facebook announced its intentions to buy Whatsapp for about $19 billion (all told.) The news obviously generated a lot of debate and a lot of commentary filled the airwaves. The stock market more or less approved of the deal, giving Facebook stock and market capitalization the requisite bump it needed. I argued that it was an irrationally rational deal.

Since I started a new gig, I sort of ignored most of the published commentary. A couple of days ago in a conversation with my new colleague at True Ventures,Keila Fong, we started talking about how different really is Whatsapp that it is worth $19 billion to Mark Zuckerberg. So we ran some numbers and compared Whatsapp’s numbers to some of the other social applications.