Original Link: http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/20/5429986/samsung-galaxy-note-pro-review

It’s 2014. Time for an office makeover.

There’s no room for a BlackBerry in the boardroom anymore. And that old, thick, has-to-be-plugged-in-or-it’ll-die-in-three-minutes PC and external mouse on the desk in front of you? That has to go too. What you, self-respecting businessman that you are, need instead is something small and light so you can work from anywhere. The coffee shop is the office now, remember? You need something that’s always connected, that works just as well when you’re giving the big presentation or kicking back on the flight home.

So what does this new thing look like? Samsung thinks it’s a lot like the Galaxy Note Pro, a 12.2-inch tablet running Android and made explicitly for you, the business professional. It costs at least $749.99, and it’s not made to sit somewhere in between your phone and your laptop. It’s meant to replace your laptop, or at least to let you leave it at home when you’re on business trips.

Who’s ready to give up their laptop, their keyboard and trackpad and Windows apps, and live the tablet life? Show of hands.

Samsung really needs to stop customizing the Android interface… The standard Android UI has its own issues, but you can pick it up quickly enough. Samsung’s implementation of multiple apps on screen at once is just a big hot mess. The first thing most people I know with Samsung Android devices do is download a new launcher to replace the TouchWhiz launcher that Samsung includes.