Original Link: https://37signals.com/

37signals announces that they’re focusing on their most successful product: Basecamp.

So here’s the second big announcement: We’re changing our name. 37signals is now Basecamp. “37signals” goes into the history books. From now on, we are Basecamp. Basecamp the company, Basecamp the product. We’re one and the same.

With this change, we renew our long-term commitment to all things Basecamp. Basecamp on the web, Basecamp on iOS, Basecamp on Android, Basecamp via email, and Basecamp wherever else it makes sense. Each one of us will be dedicated to improving Basecamp, extending Basecamp’s reach, expanding Basecamp’s capabilities, and making sure our Basecamp customers are treated like royalty.

This is an interesting move on their side, but an exciting one all the same. I’ve been a fan of the company since the beginning and it’s been fun to see it thrive through dozens of gear shifts over the years. I actually use Basecamp and Highrise, and even covered the Highrise API briefly in the Twilio Cookbook.